Unsere Story

SENSORA JEWELRY is a jewellery brand founded by a young couple in Switzerland. Due to our high quality materials and attention to detail in their jewellery range, we became the fastest growing jewellery start-up in Switzerland. After two 2 years we could already launch in various marketplaces, which are among the top 5 of the biggest European marketplaces and could reach thousands of customers in over 21 countries in a very short time and make them happy.

Melinda Kemter - The Founder

"I have always admired my mother's jewellery, which was still too expensive for me as a young woman, there was simply no silver jewellery in the colour gold yet that you could afford and last for a lifetime without the gold fading with time. With our jewellery brand, we have not only fulfilled our customers' wishes satisfied, but also my long-awaited dream."

Wir bieten sehr hochwertigen und nachhaltigen Schmuck an, mit deren Qualität ihr zu 100% Wahrscheinlichkeit zufrieden sein werdet. Bei der Produktion verzichten wir auf Plastik, ebenfalls bei der Verpackung. Our jewellery has been tested by Swiss authorities and their high-quality material confirmed, which is why we can also offer customers a 2-year quality guarantee without hesitation.

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