Sterling silver, including real 925 sterling silver, can always tarnish. Any sterling silver can tarnish over time due to the mixed in metal. But silver doesn't rust! Fortunately, there are many ways to keep sterling silver from staining.

Tarnishing can be done even faster when sterling silver comes in contact with salty solutions or chemicals. Hence, it is very important to keep jewelry away from salt water or any home product or toiletries solution. Even just the chemicals in our sweat are enough to cause corrosion in silver jewelry when worn.

And even if your silver jewelry has already been spotted with Tarnish, a great house cleaning or better, a professional polishing, it will easily look like new. Tarnishing isn't a bad thing and is easy to do.

Jewelry storage is very important, we always send our jewelry in a beautiful jewelry box. We recommend that you stow them there.

Can I shower with sterling silver? Yes, it's basically fine. But we don't encourage our customers to wear our sterling silver when showering. Water usually doesn't harm sterling silver, but there's a good chance it could cause clouding.

All in all, in the worst case scenario, this is just a precautionary measure.
Our customers are always very satisfied and have never had any problems. The quality is very high, 925 sterling silver is a wonderful material.